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Recoil Spring for XD Service Guide Rod

Price: $7.99

This spring is intended to be paired with part number PG035. The spring packaging may state "1911" but we assure you that they are compatible with the noted guide rod for the XD Service model.

  • Reduced Power Loads: 18 Pounds
  • Factory Level Loads: 20 Pounds
  • +P Loads: 22 & 24 Pounds

Note: We recommend that you change this spring every 1500 rounds when used with the XD Service model

Made by W.C. Wolff Company

Installation Guide: Slide the CLOSED end of the spring onto the Guide Rod!

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Fantastic Product

- 13th January 2016

I bought this as a kit over 10 years ago. The kit came as a Don's Gun Guide Rod and a Wolf #22 spring. It is installed in a Service length XD in .40S&W. I have put somewhere over 10,000 rounds through it and have never had an issue with it closing tight. I noticed an immediate change in how the XD shoots regardless of ammo. I also noticed a drastic difference in where it puts spent cases. I originally had to chase them all over, now I could just about put a 5 gallon bucket about 5 feet behind me and a little to the right and catch most of them. Well worth the money.

Recoil guide rod with 24lb spring

- 15th March 2015

This was a great buy the stainless steel guide rod with the heavy spring (24lds) reduced recoil, the accuracy was increased, and as of the time of this post my XD has preformed flawlessly. There have been no feeding issues or jams. Best money I have invested so far and it did not hurt my wallet.

Bang for buck!!

- 16th May 2014

Best bang for your buck!! I installed this today in about 5 min... Along with the springer trigger kit and a new grip glove.... I havent fired a better weapon... Cycles faster, less recoil= faster and tighter shot groups!

Reduces Recoil

- 08th February 2012

Used the 20# spring for my XD40 reloads, and works great for reducing recoil.

155gr Berry's RNHB .40S&W; 5gr Bullseye and Tula SP Primer.


- 14th November 2011

Put a guide rod and a 20lbs spring in my xd40 for factory ammo and it works great.

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