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Striker Retaining Pin (Coiled)

Striker Retaining Pin (Coiled)
Price: $2.00

We often get asked by folks as to what is the number one part that will likely fail on the XD or the XDm. Even as rugged at the platform is, the one part that is most likely to fail is the factory striker retainer pin. The part does not fail because it is "cheap" but because once installed acts as a thin walled, hollow dowel. After constant contact by the striker, the factory pin, at some point will break into small bits.

This coiled pin option, once installed, becomes a nearly solid dowel which is able to handle the abuse of the striker for a very long time. For most, this part will last a lifetime.

This pin is a heavy duty part made of 420 chrome stainless with a passivated finish in order to reduce corrosion.  

This part will not fit the XD SLIM. 

Please note that this is an alternative solution to the part noted Schematic #: 35

This part is sold individually. 

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Good insurance

- 19th March 2017

I have 3000+ rounds through my XDm and never had an issue with the factory pin. But when I pulled it out, I can see that it takes a beating. These coiled replacements are inexpensive enough that I put one in for good measure. Easy.

Side note: The description states the material is "passivated". Stainless is corrosion-resistant, but free iron on the surface (from various processing steps) and open grain boundaries can lead to corrosion. Passivation removes the free iron and adds a thin, protective oxide layer. Is this important on this part? Maybe. One pin end is open to the environment. So unless you only shoot indoors or in sunny weather, the pin will eventually get wet - and may trap water. So passivation is probably warranted.

They work very well

- 17th June 2016

I just received my pins today and they fit perfectly into the slide. It's very clear to tell that they are far superior to the OEM roll pin that comes in the slide from the factory. Installed the new pin with ease and the pistol passed the "pencil test" (place a pencil in an UNLOADED firearm, so the eraser touches the firing pin block, make sure it is cocked, and squeeze the trigger...if you are getting a positive strike, the pencil should "fly" out of the barrel [fly is used loosely]).

I bought three pins just to have a couple of extras on hand, but I don't see this one breaking or failing any time soon.

Peace of Mind!

- 11th May 2016

Ordering from Pistolgear is always a pleasure!

I told friends about this and ended up ordering 7 ... takes all of 5 minutes to change out. I ended up doing both sons, mine and three of my friends.


- 02nd April 2016

Much better than the factory roll pin. I picked up 2 just for the heck of it. Superior quality, easy to install and GREAT service as usual from Pistol Gear. THANKS!!!!

Striker retaining pin replacement

- 13th February 2016

Works great and easy to replace.

excellent service!

- 10th February 2015

I had ordered these parts as backup to my original retainer pin. Better to be safe then sorry! The service was great, shipping was fast!

Great job
Pistol Gear!

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