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THE Have-To-Have Tool

- 23rd September 2018

There is no other tool I can praise so highly and recommend to every Springfield XD owner. Even if you think you don't need it and you never disassemble your slide that far, you should have this. It makes the complete cleaning and lubing so easy that you will actually do it more often... LOVE this.

Must Have Tool

- 20th January 2018

The Xtractor Tool works better than advertised. I have 4 XD's and couldn't be happier on how easy it is now to remove the extractors for cleaning and maintenance. Thanks PistolGear !


- 20th November 2015

I cannot believe it, the extractor practically fell out, oh wait it did!
I was shocked how well this tool performed, after spending so much time trying to get the extractor out! If you own an XD you MUST get one!

I can't believe!

- 27th January 2015

I can't believe how easy is to remove the extractor with this tool!

If you have and XD and/or XDM you must have this tool.

excellent tool

- 01st January 2015

This is a must have if you own an XD(m)! I have a 3.8 in .40sw and after a few thousand rounds I needed to clean my extractor and this tool worked AMAZING for removing it. I also bought this tool over 2 years ago and it has held up very, very well. I would highly recommend the extractor tool.

Excellent extractor tool!

- 29th September 2014

Works very well make sure you remove long retaining pin that goes through firing pin safety and into extractor or the tool will NOT do it job and you will run the risk of breaking the tool.

Excellent Tool

- 03rd May 2013

The Xtractor Tool is well made and makes extractor removal on an XD Service easy. I highly recommend it.

Extrator tool

- 17th December 2012

This tool makes it easier to take out the extractor,and safer too!!!!

Great tool

- 05th July 2012

I just used this tool for the first time. It works as advertised. I ordered this tool and the Gun Guide together. Also, the video is awesome!! I watched it twice and was able to take the slide all the way down without referring to the guide once. Thanks Pistol Gear

The perfect tool for the job!

- 24th April 2011

This handy tool is a MUST HAVE for your XD/XDM cleaning kit and does exactly what it says. It makes getting that pesky extractor out of the slide a piece of cake. It works on both my 4.5" XDM and my 3" XD Subcompact. I'm not sure why others say it doesn't work on the subcompact. Mine is less than a year old so maybe it works on the newer models? Get one!!

Did not work on XD-9 subcompact

- 10th April 2011

This worked outstanding on my service and tactical models but not on my SC. It wouldn't get deep enough up under extractor. Every time I rocked it back it would slip out from under extractor.


- 13th January 2011

I have cleaned my extractor in 4 years. The reason was, I couldn't remove it. I bought this tool and have the extractor out in 10 minutes. I am very impressed with this product.

Useful little tool

- 11th January 2011

Just tried out my new PistolGear Xtractor tool on my XDm 9mm. Makes taking out the extractor VERY simple! Glad I have it in my tool bag!

Great Tool

- 24th October 2010

This tool makes it super-easy to remove the extractor on the XD. I received the tool within a few days of ordering, and had my extractor out within a couple minutes! The tool works just as advertised (and shown in the video on this site). Thanks for making a painful task pleasantly simple.

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