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Recoil Springs for the XDm

Price: $7.99
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Finally, springs for the Springfield XDm 4.5 and 5.25 9MM, 40SW and 45ACP models that will allow you to tune your gun to your loads. These springs will work with both the stock XDm Guide Rod as well as PistolGear's Guide Rod for the XDm.

Note: For XDm 4.5 and 5.25 Models Only! 

  • Reduced Power Loads: 14 & 16 Pounds
  • Factory Level Loads: 18 Pounds
  • +P Loads: 20 & 20 Pounds

Made by W.C. Wolff Company

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20lb spring

Jesse - 01st August 2014

I bought the 20lb spring to go with my .357sig barrel and new guide rod. Fits great, also came with a firing pin spring in the kit...

Great Spring and Greater Service

RJ Hussey - 18th March 2013

The spring is the orginal Wolff spring system and it works great but the unexpected super fast shipping was the surprise! From order time to receiving time was just 3 days, that is the fastest turn around time I have ever had, so great job and will order again too see it that was a fluke or consistent speedy service! [PG Note: It was no fluke.]

Recoil spring

Clyde Howard - 15th June 2012

I purchased the recoil spring #54216, l6 lb. for an XDM4.5 .45ACP.
It cycles with 200 gr. swc & 3.7 gr. Bulseye.
That's what I got it for, thanks.

Recoil Springs for XDm 9mm

Richard - 05th April 2011

I recently purchased the 20 and 22 lbs springs for my XDm 9mm full size. I installed the 20 lb spring and have fired about 150 rounds using it. I'm very happy with the 9mm performance with the spring. It made a noticeable difference in the recoil with no impact on accuracy. I have not tried the 22lb spring yet--I'm waiting on the arrival of some Buffalo Bore 9mm+p+penetrator ammo to try it with. $7.99 is a "can't be beat" price.

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