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Powder River Ejector for XD/XDm

Powder River Ejector for XD/XDm
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This solid CNC machined ejector is made from 416 stainless steel and heat treated to 42RC. This part was designed to replaced your stock XD or XDm ejector which is either a MIM part or a stamped part. The PRP Ejector has a machined baring surface on the side to minimize contact and friction with the rotating sear allowing for smoother operation. 

This part fits all XD and XDm models

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Quality part

Oliver H. - 10th June 2014

When I go to purchase a new pistol the first thing I do is look for common failures. While looking for the striker retaining roll pins, I came across this ejector and the side by side of it with the factory part. I went ahead and ordered them for all of my XD pistols right then and there. Though I did not experience a failure with the factory part, it was worth getting the new one for the piece of mind that came with it. It is a quality part and the installation was not hard at all with the included instructions. Highly recommended.

Great Improvement

RC - 11th March 2013

Another must have for all XDM owners

Big Improvement

Murphy - 25th February 2013

Like others said, the factory part is MIM and broke on me a while ago. The ejection pattern was all over the place and often brass went straight over my head or hit me in the face. The new ejector is much higher quality and appears to be CNC machined. A little spendy but no way was i going to get the MIM factory part again.

Get it...

Mitch - 04th February 2013

Very sturdy compared to factory version... and it looks great. Based upon what I have read about failure rates of the original ejector, I am glad that I upgraded.

This is a must have

Nate - 21st April 2012

The factory stock ejector is notorious for cracking and/or breaking in newer model XDs (starting in '06). The ejectors found in newer models are either stamped or metal injection molded. They are not very sturdy and must be replaced if you plan on heavily using your XD. [PG Note: We are not sure if the factory ejectors are notorious for cracking; we have not heard of many instances of this.]

From Powder River Precision's website: "This is a solid CNC machined ejector. It is made from 416 stainless steel and heat treated to 42RC. It is designed to replace your stamped ejector. It also has a machined baring surface on the side of the ejector that contacts the sear to minimize friction when the sear rotates. Fits all XD's and XDM's.
This product has earned the American Pistolsmiths Guild Seal of Approval."

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