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Absolute BEST Pistol Mag Addition

- 24th July 2014

HIGHLY recommend it for use on your XDm 3.8 FLUSH Mag (11rnd).

This attachment will replace your Mag Base Plate. Simply (carefully) remove your flat base plate and slide this baby right on. That's it.

The product is molded so you may want to take a little bit of sand paper and sand down the rough edges left from the mold. I simply use an Emory board. It does wonders for the feel and comfort. Also doesn't catch on clothing or skin once filed down.


- 18th July 2014

I bought this items for the looks and for my pinky! It's GREAT and I recommend this for others!

Just right

- 03rd August 2013

Just the right amount of room for your pinky. So much better than stock.


- 11th March 2013

The item I ordered from your company arrived quickly , the product fit well and has done what it was maid to do .

It Just Works

- 11th February 2013

Concur with below ratings. Just that little additional leverage really adds stability, without decreasing concealability.


- 23rd August 2012

This product is really awesome. I have the XDm .40 3.8" and put this on my compact 11 round magazine. It made a world of difference, I now can grip the gun with the compacy mag just as well as with my extended mag. If you have the compact mag, buy this really affordable attachment, you will love it.

grip extension

- 09th April 2012

bottom line buy it. hard to belive my xdm 40 compact 3.8 could become more accurate. put one on your small clip you will see what i mean.

Pearce Grip Extension for XDM

- 15th November 2011

I just bought two of these and I absolutely love them. Almost no one I've ever talked to can comfortably fit all there fingers on the XDM compact. With the very affordable extension it's %100 better. I highly recommend them to everyone.

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