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Love this Comp

- 30th March 2018

Best addition by far!! This comp with a 13# spring handles 115 gr box ammo like a champ. No ftf in over 6000 rds so far. Greatly reduced muzzle flip, and accuracy is superb at 25 yards.

Great comp

- 20th February 2018

This product does exactly what it’s intended to. I strongly recommend this to anyone in the market for a solid compensator.

Need lighter recoil spring

- 26th March 2017

Love this muzzle break, and how it looks. I'm using it on a certain service modle 9mm 4". But one problem, rounds don't cycle and I'm having a he'll of a time finding a lighter recoil spring. Any help?[PG NOTE: While a lighter recoil spring helps, you likely need to find "hotter" ammunition. Your everyday 115gr 9MM ammo does not have enough pressure. If you don't reload, look for +P or +P+ ammunition]

Fantastic Compensator for 9MM Major

- 22nd January 2017

We've been building polymer raceguns for the past 15 years but have never built an XDM or XD 9MM Major racegun until the Tiki became available. It's amazing how well it handles the 165+K 9MM ammunition. If you are considering an Open Racegun project with your XD or XDM 9MM, I "HIGHLY" recommend this compensator.

Makes a BIG difference.

- 02nd December 2016

My husband put this on my new XDM. I am new to shooting and he thought this would help. It has made a big difference in my shooting. Hitting those darn bowling pins is much faster now and a lot more fun.

Better than expected.

- 27th August 2016

I recently installed this compensator on my XD MOD.2 using a Storm Lake Barrel also purchased from Pistol Gear. I had both items cerakote black so they would match. I will say that I am very impressed with this compensator. Muzzle rise is non existent. I am going to play around with spring weights as I am using 18 pounds (purchased at Pistol Gear along wight the guide rod) at the moment and Pistol Gear suggested something between 11-14 pounds.

Awesome Comp!

- 10th August 2016

We installed the TIKI comp on a customer's XDM. The pistol was built for Steel and USPSA Open. We are blown away by the result of this compensator. The flip is widely reduced and felt recoil is non existent. It was easy to keep the dot on a 10" circle at 25 yards. This is now our go-to comp for our XD customers.

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