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 Reviews for the product - "Hammer" Guide Rod for XDm 9/40/10/45ACP (Back to product)
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Fits the 5.25 but does not protrude

- 01st October 2018

This guide rod fits the 5.25” XDm just fine but only protrudes on the 4.5” model. Still its heavier than stock so no complaints. Would be nice to have a 5.25” version!


- 17th April 2018

I bought this guide rod because it is solid and heavier than the factory guide rod. While the pictures give you an idea of what to expect, the guide rod is really mean-looking when installed. I love the look.

solid an pretty heavy

- 07th April 2016

I got the all black rod it's solid not hollow it looks better in person i got this for my xdm 45 4.5

I hate to be the Fool!

- 13th March 2016

Mean as hell. I would hate to be the fool that tries to push on the slide to push my pistol out of battery! The tooling on the end of this would be brutal on the palm of an assailant. As far as reducing muzzle flip i haven't had a chance to gauge that yet.

Great product!

- 21st January 2016

A solid guide rod that adds weight and helps to reduce muzzle rise. Looks mean it too!

Best in the market!

- 31st July 2015

It gives a much more aggressive appearance when looking at it from the front. Preforms flawless. I can't really tell any difference as far as reduced recoil, but overall it is way better than the factory especially from an aesthetics standpoint.

Hammer guide rod

- 01st August 2014

I bought one in black to pair with my .357 barrel, looks cool and fit perfect. Haven't tested the other "features" yet.

Great Product, Great Service

- 25th June 2014

I ordered this guide rod because I wanted a solid guide rod, and saw the Hammer.... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

The guide rod was delivered quickly, and the quality of the product seems top notch. I have fired about 50 rounds from my xdm after install and I did notice less muzzle flip. The concept of keeping the gun in battery had never occurred to me, however the Hammer guide rod will allow you to push a door open with the muzzle of your pistol and not worry about still being in full lock up .

PistolGear.com Thank You for your service and great products!

Quality Product!

- 11th June 2014

I buy items not for the aesthetics but for its functionality. It really helps keeping the gun in battery when holstering and the weight of this rod help keeps the muzzle down when recoil. It gives the pistol an even more perfect balance after installing. I love it and i would definitely recommend this to any XDm owners.

And yes, they look really mean.. This is a well thought of design. Thanks Pistolgear!

Not as long as I thought

- 30th January 2014

With the rod installed, the end of the tread pattern is just past the end of my barrel. I like how it looks and from the pictures I thought that maybe it would be sticking out much further than it does.

I am very happy with this guide rod. I like the look, the weight, the idea of it. The price is excellent too and my gun looks mean. HAHA. Thanks Pistolgear for a great add-on.

Looks awesome!

- 25th January 2014

I really like how this guide rod looks on my XDM. It just looks tough and I like the idea that I am less likely to bump my gun out of battery. I run a pretty light spring and this give me a little more confidence. Great design and a great price.

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Price: $7.99