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Flat Trigger for XD Full-Frame Models

Flat Trigger for XD Full-Frame Models
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Here at PistolGear, we consider this a one-part trigger job.  The Freedomsmith aluminum flat face trigger simply replaces the factory curved trigger, allowing for a short and crisp trigger pull. The geometry of the trigger reduces pre-travel and over-travel, giving a better trigger feel through the entire press. The self-correcting nature of this flat trigger gives your striker fired pistol the closest feel possible to the highly coveted single action trigger pull found on 1911s.

Using factory springs during our testing, we measured a trigger pull weight (from the bottom of the trigger) to be 4.75 pounds. The pre-travel or take up is 0.180" inches and the break is another 0.180", giving a total trigger pull of 0.360" with zero creep.

Note: Other than just reduced weight springs, this trigger may not work with aftermarket trigger upgrade kits. If you have already installed, or plan to install, an aftermarket trigger kit, do not purchase this item - returns are not allowed.

Note: Before purchasing this items, please make sure that your pistol is one of the models listed below. If you purchase this item for a gun not listed, it will not fit.

Please review the below chart for compatibility before ordering. This part will NOT fit Subcompact models. If you have the XD in 45ACP or the MOD.2 model, you need THIS ITEM

Made in USA.

Fit Chart (Model by Caliber)
Pistol Model Caliber                  
XD 4" Service 9MM
XD 5" Tactical 9MM
XD 4" Service 40S&W
XD 5" Tactical 40S&W
XD 4" Service .357SIG
XD 5" Tactical .357SIG
XD 4" Service 45GAP (NOT ACP)









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BOOM! I like it a lot!

- 19th July 2017

I have an XD that I bought in 2015. The gun is a shooter and one that I enjoy quite often (I carry a XDS). I did not want to put a trigger kit into the gun (as I don't know how) but did want to make a slight improvement to the trigger. I purchased this trigger and I am very happy with it. Installation took about 15 minutes and I did have to remove a little length on the tab with a file per the instructions, in order to get the reset to work.

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