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Very Simple and Easy to use

- 12th December 2017

This tool is amazing for the price. I was very worried about adjusting/installing sights because I am no gunsmith/armorer....but it was very easy and simple to use...if you have general understanding of simple mechanics you will be fine. Some tips: put it in a vice, if not it will be very hard to get a good grip AND screw the bolt.
Also make sure you have some material covering your barrel and even a piece next to the sites you are adjusting.

Make sure you are measured and aligned...and that the barrel is even and not leaning forward or backwards too much. You will have to turn the wrench pretty hard to even get a small increment of movement.

Also, Very big shout out to the pistolgear company, I ordered this on a tuesday and they had it shipped on a thursday.

Great Tool!!!

- 01st August 2017

I bought this tool, and a set of Tru Glo Pro's for my XDM 3.8 9mm. I did not prep my slide as some say they do. I just put the tool in my bench vise, put my slide in the tool, aligned everything, and turn the bolt, sights came out like butter. Easy as could be! Great Investment! Don't let people scare you with the whole "sight install on XD/M/S being a nightmare", it was not at all!


- 02nd May 2017

I got my sight pusher today and set it up in the vise. Placed me Springfield Subcompact slide into pusher, added a little pressure and the sights popped loose. I was able to adjust the sights with no problem at all. This sight tool worked well on the LC9 too.
A little pressure and I was able to move the LC9 sights how I wanted them. Thank you

Used many times on many guns

- 03rd February 2017

I have replaced sights on XDm 3.8, hk usp compact / full size, m&p shield, xd mod2, 2 sig p227's.

Using a vice is MUCH easier than holding it with your hands... worlds of difference, honestly. I removed the xdm 3.8 sights with the pusher in a vice and some wd40. Piece of cake.

Excellent tool at a fair price! Strongly recommend

- 08th April 2015

Over the years I've paid gunsmiths to install excellent sights on a couple of XD+XDMs. They did good job but never got them truly zeroed. High price of other sight tools had prevented me from investing before seeing this tool. Was a little nervous at first, but am really happy I took the chance. Amazing how much better I can shoot when gun is properly zeroed vs. adjusting where I aim!

Strongly recommend this tool!

Kick Ass

- 13th January 2015

Front and rear sights came right out no problems at all. What took the longest amount of time was waiting for the lock tight to set. If you have a half of a brain you can work this rig. I'm no gunsmith either...If anyone needs to replace their sights this is the tool you want to use. It's pretty much stupid proof,but I guess stupid is STUPID. Buy with confidence .

A real review of the site Pusher!!!

- 28th December 2014

First I'd like to say don't listen to Dennis R review... With no lubricant and no bench vice, I was able to remove both the front and rear sights, in about 20 minutes and i'm NO GUNSMITH! If you're at all mechanically inclined you will have no trouble using this and having it work for you. Oh, by the way, my front sight came out easier than the back. Purchase with Confidence because it does work very well.

Sight Pusher Review XDM & XDS

- 15th April 2014

Hi All,
First off, let me start out by saying changing the sights on either the XDM or the XDS is not for a novice. The sight pusher would not move the front sight on the XDM. I had to use a cutting tool. Stress. The rear sight worked very well. Very tight but using a vise it came off. The XDS was much easier. Both front and rear sights came off.
Now, lets talk about the sight pusher. It works without any problem on the rear sight. It however, is a major pain to work the front sight. The problem is the XDM/S front slide. The recoil rod retainer is in the way as the sight pusher is designed. I had to design a work around to make it work.
Last, directions are non-existent. So I can recommend this for seasoned home gunsmiths. It is very strong and reasonable priced. All others, I recommend going to a gunsmith that works on XDs.

Great for the cost

- 19th February 2014

If you are interested in changing sights on several different pistols, this is a great tool. I received it last night and changed a set of sights in about 30 minutes. Did not have to pay a gunsmith or be without my slide for several days. Well worth the money if you are a DIY'er.

Excellent Product

- 25th August 2013

I feared the worst when attempting to remove the factory XDS sights and replace with XS Big Dots, based on what I had read.

Sprayed sights with a bit of liquid wrench, lined the slide channel with cardboard, and clamped down firmly. Carefully align the pusher blade with the sight and begin to turn the bolt with a 3/4" wrench. A vise is not needed. Lay the pusher down on a mat on the hard floor (slide points up to ceiling). Hold the pusher tool with the palm of your supporting hand and slowly turn the wrench. Right to Left. The sight moves easily. Apply same principles in the reverse order to install new sights. Piece of cake.

Very Happy!

- 30th December 2012

I bought a new pair of nights sights for both of my XDs from pistolgear. XDTalk is full of horror stories on sight removals and most suggest having the work done by a gunsmith. For the price of this tool compared to what my gunsmith was going to charge me for two swaps, the cost was about even. As the pistolgear instructions suggests, I soaked both slides sight deep upside down overnight in some penetrating oil. The next day, going slow and after 20 minutes at the bench, both my XDs have new sights. I did fit the new sights as suggest in some YouTube videos, so not to put stress on them during installation. The stock sights slid right out. A good tool for the money.

best tool yet

- 13th December 2012

I usually buy different models of the same make of gun, so it made sense to add this tool to support my XD (I own 5) habit. This tool removed my stock sights easily and without damage. It installed my TFOs without harm and with ease. I am really happy with this tool. Thanks to pistolgear for offering it.

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