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Springer Precision Trigger Bar for XD

Springer Precision Trigger Bar for XD
Price: $60.00

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If you are looking to further reduce your XD's reset, you need one of these. CNC machined from 17-4 stainless steel billet, this product will give you the means to further mod your XD for gaming, offering a short & crisp trigger pull.

Note 1: To be used with the "Trigger Upgrade Kit for XD" only! Will not work with the stock sear!! If you have the XD MOD.2, you need this kit.

Note 2: Trigger bar must be fitted in order to operate properly.

Please note that the parts included within this kit are manufactured by Springer Precision and should not be confused with those offered by others.

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- 14th October 2010

This trigger bar does a great job of finishing what the sear kit starts. I does take some time to fit, but its a very simple process. The end result is WELL worth the time it takes. Over travel and pretravel are GONE.

Great mod

- 22nd September 2010

I am very happy with this upgrade along with the sear and spring kit. This was my first trigger mod and even I could follow along and get it done. I've test fired it on the range and am pleased with the new feel and crispness of the the trigger. This is a "must buy"!

Trigger bar is wonderful.

- 12th January 2009

This part, in conjunction with the sear kit is the best thing I have done to my xd 45. Trigger feel is massively improved with a lighter crisper cleaner break and shorter overall travel. Fitting is not difficult and results are well worth it.

- 13th March 2008

Update to my previous post below.

This trigger bar ROCKS. I now have 3 of them in different guns and it, along with the sear and spring kit, is an automatic, no-brainer purchase for the XD. It's that much better.

Don't even think about it, just get it, you'll love it.

- 08th January 2008

Combining this part and the Sear/Spring Kit will DRAMATICALLY lower travel and pull weight. I actually didn't think the pistol would fire after installing. It was that much shorter & lighter! As stated by others, this part needs to be carefully fitted to your gun.

The parts came 3 days after ordering and I will be buying from Pistolgear.com again! Great job, guys!

- 18th December 2007

Very high quality piece, but defintely requires quite a bit of fitting.

On the initial install, the trigger would not move at all. Required quite a bit of "massaging" of the pre-travel and over-travel stops to get proper function. Haven't gotten to fire it yet (installed lst night), but already trigger feels much better while dry firing.

There is a good write up on XDTalk about installing and fitting.

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Springer Precision Trigger Upgrade Kit for XD

Price: $80.00