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Springer Precision Trigger Upgrade Kit for XD

Springer Precision Trigger Upgrade Kit for XD
Price: $80.00
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This is for XD models in calibers 9/40/357SIG 

Springer Precision has coupled their XD Sear and a host of springs for the benefit of improving the XD's stock trigger. With this pairing of parts, you are one step closer to a full-house trigger job. The results of the kit is a shorter, lighter, crisper trigger pull. Our testing shows that this setup will reduce your trigger's pre-travel by 50% and your trigger pull weight by 25% (two pounds or more).

Kit Includes: Polished Reduced Travel Sear, Sear Spring, Trigger Spring, Striker Springer, Striker Safety Spring and LCI Spring

Note:  For the MOD.2 Service, you will need to use the optional XDM Trigger Bar. For the MOD.2 Subcompact, you will need to use the optional XDSC Trigger Bar with this kit.

Will not work with 45ACP or XD(M) models.

If you reload and use "hard" primer such as Winchester or CCI, you may need to use your stock striker spring.



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- 20th February 2015

Easy to install with Springer video. Lightened my trigger a couple lbs. Took out some pre travel... Just like it says. VERY HAPPY!

Whole diffrent trigger!!

- 16th May 2014

This kit is a must if you really want to clean up all that extra room that comes in your stock trigger setup. After i put this on I was amazed at the difference. This is also the first time I have ever tore down a trigger assembly on a pistol before but with only minor headaches, i was able to successfully install this in a matter of 30 min. I also recomend you get the heavier guide rod and spring for your XD!

Very Pleased

- 04th February 2013

Very pleased with he quality and ease of install of this kit. My only gripe is that the trigger spring is a lot lighter now and causes the trigger safety spring to engage later in the squeeze - causing a 'clicking'.

I wish they offered the full kit w/the slightly discounted trigger bar. But no complaints from me... PistolGear's support is rock solid and I can't recommend them enough.

Great upgrade

- 10th February 2012

Stock trigger was mushy with too much pre-travel and heavy. Installation was simple with every-day hand tools. Bought the XD/XDM book to aid in install. Both were worth it. Did this upgrade with the drop-in barrel, and was extremely pleased with the results. Rapid fire grouping with this trigger and the drop-in barrel were amazing!

Awesome product

- 14th October 2010

I LOVE this trigger kit. I can not even begin to explain how much of an improvement it is over the stock trigger.


- 11th July 2010

Got the kit to include the trigger bar. easy to do. What a great difference. Minimal trigger pull, less pull weight and I'm more accurate in my shooting.

Great job!

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Springer Precision Trigger Bar for XD

List Price: $60.00
Price: $60.00
Springer Precision Trigger Bar or XD(M) & MOD.2

Price: $60.00