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A ‘must have’ accessory, for the XDs.

- 04th March 2019

I bought this for my wife, who has developed arthritis in her thumbs, and has become nearly unable to use her XDs 9mm. I installed it on her XDs and instantly knew that I wanted one, as well, even though I have no trouble operating my XDs .45ACP. You won’t have any idea, of how bad the stock slide release is, until you feel this one. It’s not a subtle difference, either. It really improves the gun and reduces the pressure needed to release the slide. It ads 1.5mm, to the width of the pistol, but doesn’t have the sharp edges, that the factory slide has. It’s also shaped and rounded, so that it won’t catch or drag, when pulling it from a holster. THIS is the slide release that Springfield SHOULD have put on this pistol. Don’t just take my word for it, look at the rest of the reviews. This single upgrade, will make you love your XDs, all over again.


- 02nd January 2019

Well designed and well made, this is a perfect addition for an XDS. Very easy to install. Should be on every XDS.

G@d Damn

- 18th June 2018

100 Stars

I wish I had found this earlier- if you have an xds its a must have.
Excellent addition- makes mag changes twice as quick, doesn’t interfere with any of my holsters. Perfect in every way.
To anyone that is thinking about it, Like I was, don’t hesitate just get it, change it and it is so easy to do (like the video shows). Improves the firearm 10 fold. Seriously, and I do mean SERIOUSLY DO IT. You will not believe how much better that slide stop improves the functionality of the firearm. I f****’n love it

Awesome Product

- 05th December 2017

My girlfriend was so excited when she finally was able to release the slide for the first time with this product. I will purchase for my other Springfield models. Don't understand why they didn't come like that from the beginning.

Great Modication

- 31st March 2017

This is among the first purchases I made when acquiring my second XDs. Great modification for both the 3.3 and 4.0. The color offerings Pistol Gear provides a bit a class to your XDs, whether you have a Cerakote finish, or not. Highly recommended for your EDC.

Easy Install

- 24th February 2017

Finally got one of these for my XDS 9mm. The install was even easier than I thought it would be. Great little upgrade. Easy on the thumb, for both setting the slide and releasing the slide.

Must have for XDs

- 21st February 2017

I've been carrying my XDs more lately and have always had trouble releasing the slide with the stock slide stop because of the beefy double recoil spring. I've seen this extended version and have passed on it but went ahead and bought it. If you have an XDs, BUY ONE! Buy one for a friend that has an XDs. It completely changes the gun. Way easier to release the slide and much easier to "find" with your thumb and manipulate without looking at the gun.


- 02nd December 2016

Absolutely easy to install, just watch the video. This one part makes a very good pistol an almost perfect EDC. Kudos to the folks at PistolGear, you are among the best in the business! Thanks!

Slide stop

- 25th June 2016

Installed the silver slide stop on my XDS and what a difference! Much easier to use than before. I had no problem releasing it even when new, but applying it was hit or miss, till Your product arrived. One day at the range convinced me Springfield should have these from the start.

the single best XDS mod

- 27th May 2016

This should be your first mod when you purchase an XDS! It's affordable and it's an easy install. It's a night-and-day difference between the before and after slide release! Don't battle with the slide release, have fun shooting!

Slide Stop for XD Slim

- 27th April 2016

Great, easy to install part. Nice functional upgrade. NO SHARP EDGES.

useful upgrade

- 23rd January 2016

Great addition to the XDS pistol. Surprising how a little addition makes such a big difference. Positive lock back on the last round fired and fast positive release when needed. No issue with my Kydex holster or any of the others I have. Fit and finish are excellent, The brushed stainless finish matches the slide perfectly. Well worth the price of admission, makes a very good firearm just that much better. If you have any issue with the small slide release that comes from the factory, this is the answer you seek. Very pleased with the purchase. Easy install, see their posted YouTube video if you need assistance. Two thumbs up!


- 07th January 2016

I was skeptical this item was going to help with the tough slide stop release that comes on the XDS, but hoped it would decrease the tension just a little to help decrease the difficulty of releasing the slide. It was easy and quick to install and I was in disbelief of the result. All I need to do is flick the slide release with my thumb and it releases. Very impressed with the results and would highly recommend this purchase to any XDS owner!

Your first XDS mod

- 08th November 2015

After you get an XDS this should be one of your first mods. The XDS has a particularly stiff slide release, this aftermarket slide release gets the slide release out of the way of your grip and makes it easy to do a tactical reload and release the slide. An A+ part! Would buy again in a heartbeat!

XDS 3.3 Slide Stop

- 22nd October 2015

Installed in less than a minute and works way better than the factory stop, anyone buying a XDS 3.3 this should be your first upgrade!!

A great buy.

- 24th August 2015

The factory slide stop was a major pain in my backside. It hurt my thumb on occasion. I bought this in stainless for my bi-tone .45 and it not only looks great, it's highly functional. It should be one of the first upgrades you perform on your weapon along with a rubberized grip wrap, mag extensions, mag button extender and tritium sights to name a few. All of which can be found in this store.

XDS slide lock

- 09th July 2015

Ordered the part on Tuesday and I got it on Thursday. Took less then a minute to install. Works way better then the original part. Have not fired the weapon with the new part installed but do not see any problems with it. Will be telling my sister in law about this part. Thanks for the fast service.

Slide Stop

- 27th June 2015

WOW!!! This made 100% difference in the functionality of the gun. Fast Mag changes would be almost impossible with the old stop lever. I would recommend this part for everyone.


- 28th March 2015

I ordered this BEFORE I even had my XDS, and I am glad I did. The hardest part was figuring out how far is half way out for the trigger pin. All of us past 65 thank PISTOLGEAR!

Slide Stop

- 18th March 2015

Great addition to the XD Slim. Much easier to release the slide. Can't even tell its on the gun when holistered! Thanks PG!

Best Mod I Have Made To Any Gun

- 15th January 2015

I will agree with the guy who said it takes about the time for a commercial to play to install this. But that's not why I am so happy. This is the best mod you can do for the XDS, as the action and ease of locking and racking the slide, It's just awesome!!!!!

XDs 9mm Slide Stop

- 02nd January 2015

My wife was having problems locking the slide back with the Mfg. XDs slide stop. I found this product and gave it a try. She has no problem at all now and I appreciate that it greatly improves her mechanics handling the pistol. Worth the money for that alone. BTW she shoots awesome.

This is a must have for xds owners!

- 02nd January 2015

Easy install. I swapped this out in the time it took one commercial to play on the TV.


- 03rd November 2014

Can't believe what happened to me!!
After ordering one color slide stop, I changed my mind, they went completely out of the box and changed it for me, no questions ask, great customer service!!!!

I received it today and took me about a minute to change it from the factory one. Feels and looks great!!! I'm a left handed, and this helps me a lot!! Great product, great customer service!! Thanks.

xds-45 slide stop

- 23rd October 2014

Absolutely a must have. Now the slide releases easier and faster, especially for left handers. Installation is easy.Customer service is excellent. At first I was a little hesitant about internet ordering from a company that does not list a phone number but email response is quick and accurate. Received the product 48 hrs after placing the order and I live on the east coast. Good job pistolgear

XDS Slide stop

- 10th October 2014

i have a weak thumb and could not lock the slide back without inserting a magazine. install was 4 minutes and it cured the lock back problem. also releases the slide easily. this is a must have product!

Problem Solved

- 10th October 2014

I am left handed and normally release the slide with my left index finger while gripping the pistol in my left hand. While not impossible with the factory slide stop, this part makes it much easier and more efficient. Next best thing to a truly ambidextrous setup.

Perfect, simple upgrade for the XDS

- 17th April 2014

This product is exactly as advertised. Just as on the video, it took about 1 minute to remove the original slide stop and add this version. Dropping the slide is now easier than my XDM or even my Sig P226. I can even do it holding my XDS in my left hand and using the inside of my index finger. A MUST buy for XDS owners.

XDS .45 extended slide stop

- 31st March 2014

Great product, ive got really big hands, so this was a must have for my xds. Extremely easy to install, and works great as advertised. Ordered and had my part in less than a week! Thanks pistol gear!!!

Good Item with Issue

- 10th February 2014

I like this product I purchased, but with one issue. It appears to be of thicker material than the original part. It was jammed up against the slide by the frame and there was no clearance whatsoever. It now has premature wear. I just filed down the frame notch and it clears now. Overall, I still like it. [Note from PistolGear: After taking measurements from sample parts, we found an area that was slightly on the high-end of the allowed variance and this thicker area caused fit issues on some frames as you noted. We have modified the print to a dimension where this will no longer be an issue.]

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