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PistolGear Slide Stop for XD Slim

PistolGear Slide Stop for XD Slim
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Machined from stainless steel bar stock, this part will fit 9MM, 40SW and 45ACP models.

Part is BLACK. Other color options available for a nominal fee via the above drop-list.

Over a period of eight months, the team at PistolGear has gone through several design iterations for this part. The PistolGear XD Slim Slide Stop takes the best of each of those tried designs and consolidated them into one design for the sake of maximum form, function, simplicity and safety. It is our hope and intent that you will appreciate this part as much as we do.

While considering this part for your XD-S, we suggest you review the following points:

  • Form. The XD-S is a "carry" gun for the purpose of personal defense. For this reason, when using a proper thumbs-forward grip, the paddle design of PistolGear Slide Stop offers the thumb of your strong hand* a place to rest - think of it like the safety on a 1911. The downward pressure from your thumb helps to reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip during live fire. A need for those who like the power of 45ACP but don’t like the abuse doled out by this load when combined with the XD Slim’s small frame. Please note that if your thumb does ride the paddle during live fire, there is a good chance that your slide will not lock back after the last round if fired since you will be holding the slide stop down.
  • Function. The XD Slim, because of its short barrel length, has a very heavy recoil assembly which ensures that the slide goes into battery during live fire. However, because the gun is sprung so heavy, using the stock slide stop takes a great deal of force to release because the amount of forward pressure on the slide stop. For many XD-S owners, it is a difficult and sometimes painful feat to press the stock slide stop down in order to release the slide. The PistolGear XD Slim Slide Stop was designed to give all XD Slim owners a means of dropping the slide with as little effort as possible. The length, width and shape of the paddle puts the downward pressure in the correct location. Our testing shows that the effort required to drop the slide is significantly less than the stock slide stop and even those who lack dexterity and strength will find that dropping the slide using the PistolGear XD-S Slide Stop will be both easier and less painful.
  • Safety. Because the XD Slim is a small-frame pistol, we wanted our design to help keep your hand away from the muzzle at all times. Hand-cycling the slide on small pistols, typically done with a reverse-overhand movement, while under stress increases the chance of personal injury. One may pass their hand in front of the muzzle while racking the slide, while at the same time inadvertently pulling the trigger. Stress makes the body do crazy things. Think it can’t happen? Think again. By releasing the slide with the use of the slide stop ensures that your support hand is away from the muzzle - where it should be - while charging the pistol with a new round.
  • Simplicity. Sure, the PistolGear Slide Stop is simple to use and operate. The PistolGear Slide Stop is also easy to install. Please see the below video for some direction.

* comment assumes you are right handed.

If you want your slide stop in a color other than black, please select a color from the "custom color" list.  Lead-time to coat optional colors is 10 days. Please note that any part that is Cerakoted is deemed to be a special order item and may not be returned unless the part is deemed defective by PistolGear.  

XD-S is a registered trademark of Springfield Armory

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- 02nd December 2016

Absolutely easy to install, just watch the video. This one part makes a very good pistol an almost perfect EDC. Kudos to the folks at PistolGear, you are among the best in the business! Thanks!

Slide stop

- 25th June 2016

Installed the silver slide stop on my XDS and what a difference! Much easier to use than before. I had no problem releasing it even when new, but applying it was hit or miss, till Your product arrived. One day at the range convinced me Springfield should have these from the start.

the single best XDS mod

- 27th May 2016

This should be your first mod when you purchase an XDS! It's affordable and it's an easy install. It's a night-and-day difference between the before and after slide release! Don't battle with the slide release, have fun shooting!

Slide Stop for XD Slim

- 27th April 2016

Great, easy to install part. Nice functional upgrade. NO SHARP EDGES.

useful upgrade

- 23rd January 2016

Great addition to the XDS pistol. Surprising how a little addition makes such a big difference. Positive lock back on the last round fired and fast positive release when needed. No issue with my Kydex holster or any of the others I have. Fit and finish are excellent, The brushed stainless finish matches the slide perfectly. Well worth the price of admission, makes a very good firearm just that much better. If you have any issue with the small slide release that comes from the factory, this is the answer you seek. Very pleased with the purchase. Easy install, see their posted YouTube video if you need assistance. Two thumbs up!


- 07th January 2016

I was skeptical this item was going to help with the tough slide stop release that comes on the XDS, but hoped it would decrease the tension just a little to help decrease the difficulty of releasing the slide. It was easy and quick to install and I was in disbelief of the result. All I need to do is flick the slide release with my thumb and it releases. Very impressed with the results and would highly recommend this purchase to any XDS owner!

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