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PistolGear "Patriot" Magwell for XDm 9/40

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The Patriot Magwell by PistolGear was designed to make reloads both quicker and smoother. Unlike the Patriot's big brothers, the Operator and the UnLimited, the Patriot was not made for competitive shooters (although a viable option for gamers) but for Law Enforcement and Concealed Carry permit holders.

The funnel on the Patriot magwell opens the frame up by nearly 40%, giving you a bigger hole to hit during a reload. Under stress, you need all the help you can get.

The front of the Patriot magwell is open. Because the base of the magazine sits just below flush of the magwell, the open front will allow you to extract the magazine from the firearm manually by hand in the event your magazine gets jammed and will not drop free.

Installation of the Patriot magwell is simple. You need only drive out the backstrap pin of your XDm, install the Patriot magwell, and use the threaded pin that is supplied with the magwell to secure the magwell to your frame.

The Patriot Magwell include the magwell, a threaded pin and hex key. The magwell was designed to work with the #2 grip insert (medium) but can work with the other grip inserts as well. If you use the 3# insert (large), you will need to remove some material from the grip insert - not the magwell.

We recommend that you blend your frame to the magwell in order to have the smoothest transition possible.  Blending is best done with the use of a Dremel tool. Go slow with the Dremel - use at your own risk!

This item will NOT fit the XDm 45 Model. Not for use with Compact-Short frame models.



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needed trimming

- 07th March 2015

Works fine, but it did need a bit of work with a nail file to sand it in. I needed to cut the grip tape which is fine since it is a good tight fit. I use a #2 back strap on a XDm 5.25 for IDPA

Like a glove

- 19th June 2014

With the #2 strap it fits right out of the box. Reloads are faster without the finger guide, but I will probably use a dremel to taper the top so it makes a little more flush. Also the 3 sided design makes it easy to manually strip mags. Overall a great addition to any xdm.

Great upgrade

- 29th May 2012

Just wish I could get to them when they're in stock! They never seem to be stocked!

Great Product

- 14th March 2012

Easy to install... Fits perfectly

Excellent addition

- 20th March 2011

Just got done shooting IDPA with the magwell and what a difference. Reloading was a breeze. Slam it home and I was on the way with a full mag ready with the addition of the slide stop. Thanks pistol gear for making awesome parts.

Very Nice

- 27th January 2011

I've always liked the faster reloads afforded by larger magwells, but figured I'd never have one because it would interfere with effective concealed carry. Kudos to PG for coming out with the Patriot! Much easier and faster reloads but small enough for CCH.
Great product!

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