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PistolGear "Operator" Magwell for XDm 9/40

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PistolGear offered the first IDPA legal magwell to the XDm marketplace. This magweill fits the IDPA box, making your XDm an ESP machine!

The PistolGear "Operator" magwell for the XDm doubles the width of the frame funnel for the benefit of smoother tactical reloads. The magwells locks onto the frame in two locations making it rigid. The magwell is held in place by a threaded pin that replaces the factory grip insert pin, making installation easy and non-permanent. YOU DO NOT EPOXY THIS PRODUCT TO YOUR FRAME.


Note: Designed to work with the #2 grip insert. Not for use with Compact-Short frame models.

 Click here to learn more on how to use your large grip insert with this product (external link).


If you want your magwell in a color other than black, please select a color from the "custom color" list.  Please note that any part that is Cerakoted is deemed to be a special order item and may not be returned. Lead-time is 15 business days to complete custom color orders.

Don't forget about extended magazine base pads. This one is IDPA legal!

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My favorite XDM magwell!

- 03rd June 2015

I bought this based on reviews and the aesthetics of this magwell and I wasn't disappointed. It fits nice, it looks great and functions flawlessly. PistolGear hit another homerun with another fantastic XD part, the Operator Magwell!

a little lightweight

- 21st November 2014

Very easy to install. You do need the slam pads or extended mags FYI. Gives a much better hand position for my offhand.

Good Quality

- 27th March 2014

A great quality product. Sturdy, nice finish, great fit and easy to install and remove. No epoxy or other glue needed; which gives you the option to use the same gun in different IDPA/USPSA divisions.

Great product.

Note: You MUST get the slam pads or new base pads if you want to make sure the mag is well seated on fast mag changes.


- 20th February 2014

Just installed this on my XDm 5.25 9mm; dry firing using a timer shows significant improvement in times... the angles base also improves hand positioning on the draw... Used 1/4 inch slam pads, which just fit in the box; doubt the 3/8" would fit, but the 1/4 inch ones are all you need to give you the added length to easily insert the mag fully... great products! Would highly recommend.

Good Product

- 25th December 2013

The magwell is very well made, fits like a glove and does exactly what it was made to do. It is very easy to install. A little bit of a paint to take off but I think that is a good thing, means that it is very secure when on. The only down side that is not described is that this still leaves a lip between the Operator
magwell and the guns magwell. It is very easy to get a mag stuck because if it. You need to sand down the square edges on the inside of your gun magwell to get a clean reload otherwise having the lip defeats the purpose in my eyes. I did not want to shave down the inside of my magwell so I no longer use this. If you are willing to do so I would recommend this product.


- 18th March 2012

Vary high quality, easy to install, looks great And works awesome. You wont be disapointed.

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