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PistolGear Slide Stop for XD & XD(M)

PistolGear Slide Stop for XD & XD(M)
Price: $44.99
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Please note that this slide stop will fit the XD in 9MM, 40SW, 357SIG, 45GAP and 45ACP and XD(m) models in 9MM, 40SW. For the XD(m) 45ACP, you will need PG038

The PistolGear slide stop is very near and dear to our heart. We set out looking to create a solution that would not only help your traditional XD owner, but the non-traditional owner as well.

Our design allows any XD owner, even those who lack dexterity in their thumb, or those who have trouble hitting the slide stop because of small hands, to quickly and easily close the slide from the lock-back position.

We believe that this part will have a great impact on all who give it a try. If you are a competition shooter (like we are), you will find this part to be fast and unobtrusive.

Click here to see a graphical review & installation instructions for the PistolGear Slide Stop

Made in the USA. This part will not fit the XDM 45ACP Model.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As of 1 MAR 2011, this product is being coated in CeraKote, an extremely durable finish. 

If you want your slide stop in a color other than black, please select a color from the "optional color" list.  Lead-time to coat optional colors is 10 days. Please note that any part that is Cerakoted is deemed to be a special order item and may not be returned unless the part is deemed defective by PistolGear.


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Pistol Gear Slide Stop

- 05th April 2015

I have purchased five of these and can say it is a product that you will wonder why you didn't purchase one sooner.
The XDS 45 was almost impossible to operate prior to installation due to the heavy recoil spring. The install takes less time to do than it takes to tell about it.
The PG staff are great people to work with and delivery takes about two days.


- 24th December 2014

Now I don't have to shift my grip at all to drop my slide. Thanks PG!

10x better than the factory part

- 09th September 2014

I have been using this slide stop for a few years now, on a pistol that is used for competitions. I bought it when I first saw it on PistolGear's web site. It broke last week so I contacted PistolGear. I was going to buy a new one, but I figured I would see if there was a warranty on it. I didn't want to pay for it twice, as it isn't an inexpensive part. However, I would have paid for another if necessary because I like it so much and it has worked flawlessly for many competitions. Even though the part eventually gave out, it is still worth using. For all I know, the factory part may not have lasted any longer with the use I put on my pistol.

I reinstalled the factory part this week, but there is no comparison to the PistolGear upgrade. If I buy another XD, it will get this slide stop immediately.

PistolGear stepped up and took care of me with exceptional customer service. I also run their big magwell and rubber slam pads, and they have been perfect. The Blade-Tech holster and mag holders from PistolG...

Thumbs Up ( No Pun Intended! )

- 25th July 2014

I like the fact my thumb will not inadvertently close the slide by pressing down on the slide stop and the Pistol Gear part is comfortable to use.
Great addition, fast shipping!!
Thank You Pistol Gear!!

Must Have

- 30th April 2014

I have smaller hands. So I purchased this and installed it on my XDM. I do not have to shift my grip now to release the slide any longer. I had carpal tunnel surgery and neuropathy from chemo and my thumbs are weaker then most. The extention gives the extra leverage to make it effortless now to release the slide. It also makes it so your thumb does not want to ride on the release any longer, there is nothing there for your thumb to want to rest on. This solved my problem completely and made me quicker on reloads. See my review on the extended mag release, also a cannot live without add on. Wish I could add pictures.

Ordered one, reordered two more

- 28th January 2014

I have a medium size hand and double stack mags challenge my ability to reach mag and slide releases. I ordered this slide release for my cc XD40. I thought it looked fragile being so thin but I was wrong.

It is long so that I can easily reach it and provides increased leverage to release the slide easily. The serrations are sharp enough that your thumb has a good grip on a thin lever.

It took me about 90 seconds to install. It took me longer to grab my tools then to actually replace the part. Watching a video or step by step pictures clarifies what you need to do.

I was so confident and pleased with this improved part I just ordered two more for my XD9 and XD45. I highly recommend this lever with regard to quality of build, design, and effectiveness.

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